Air-conditioned rack
cabinet system
for data management

Anywhere, constantly connected
and monitored

Net One is a solution based on a 19” rack cabinet equipped with an inbuilt air conditioning system, an uninterruptible power supply UPS and a fire detection and extinguishing system. All controlled by an industrial PC that via an interactive touch interface makes it possible to keep the cabinet’s parameters, that will always be available on line, under control.
Net One is a cabinet that is independent from additional air conditioning systems and this renders it versatile for use in different installation settings. In actual fact it is precisely because of its construction characteristics that it is able to guarantee continuity and security of data even in demanding environments.

Individual solution

Customized solutions according to customer specifications

Data is under protection

IP55 cabinet protection rating and IP54 air conditioning protection rating

Service support

Sales and after-sales service assistance (on request)

Turnkey solution

A single, complete, preassembled cabinet that meets all of the installer’s needs: air conditioning, UPS, fire prevention, remote access monitoring

Solution 5-in-1

Helps to reduce infrastructure costs and speed up the installation time

Independent air-conditioning system

Air conditioning system works independently from other additional units outside of the cabinet

IT cabinet (42U except DKC devices)
2100х1100х1000 mm
Fire detection and extinguishing system based on aerosol technology (only on PLUS Version)
Cabinet air conditioning system (2000W + 4000W)
Cabinet’s “vital parameters” monitoring system with remote control
RAL 9005 textured
Cabling system
via electrogalvanised wire raceway
Emergency UPS system (3KVA -12KVA)
Run time = 10 minutes
IT cabinet (42U except DKC devices)
Internal devices
Fire detection and extinguishing system

Fire detection and extinguishing system

The Firepro extinguishing system is based on the use of a fire suppression agent, a potassium-carbonate aerosol spray developed from a solid mixture defined as «compound», contained in steel dispensers fitted with grilles for discharging into the environment and referred to as «aerosol spray generators». The ultra-fine dispersal, in a protected space, of solid particles suspended in an inert gas makes it possible to extinguish fires. The extinguishing mechanism is the interruption of autocatalysis and consists of the chemical inhibition of combustion at a molecular level, without it leading to any reduction in the environment’s oxygen content.

Monitoring system with touch screen terminal

Monitoring system with touch screen terminal

The cabinet is fitted with a system for monitoring vital parameters. Data are collected and made available via a touch screen monitor with a simple and intuitive user interface. In a critical alarm situation, the monitoring system sends an e-mail or SMS and records the event in a log. The monitoring interface, through which it is possible to interrogate, change certain operating parameters, consult logs etc., is remotely accessible via an Internet browser.

Parameters monitored:
  • Cabinet’s temperatures on the front and back, and humidity
  • Air conditioning control unit
  • Status of fire detection and extinguishing system
  • Door opening
  • UPS status


The RAM batt line’s UPS make careful PWM management of the fans possible, in order to minimize power consumption and reduce the system’s noisiness, to improve its comfort. Moreover, management of the UPS batteries has been optimised with charging curves based on the temperature and continuous dynamic control of their integrity.


Air conditioner

The RAM klima air conditioner is designed for cooling IT cabinets. Its use makes it possible to cool and dehumidify the air inside the cabinet thus preventing the equipment installed from malfunctioning. The air conditioner is fitted with an adjustable intervention thermostat which is controlled from the Net One touch screen terminal. The refrigeration circuit only begins operating when a pre-set temperature has been reached. In the 4000 W version the air conditioning unit draws warm air from the servers from the rear part of the cabinet and returns it cooled to the front of the cabinet throughout the cabinet’s entire height.

Basic NetOne configurations

Air conditioner + UPS + Fire extinguishing + Air conditioner redundancy

UPS 5 kVA / 4.5 kW UPS 12 kVA / 10.8 kW
Air conditioner 4 kVA / 3.8 kW CDC40R05PR CDC40R12PR
Air conditioner 5 kVA / 4.5 kW CDC50R05PR CDC50R12PR

Air conditioner + UPS + Fire extinguishing

UPS 5 kVA / 4.5 kW UPS 12 kVA / 10.8 kW
Air conditioner 4 kVA / 3.8 kW CDC4005PR CDC4012PR
Air conditioner 5 kVA / 4.5 kW CDC5005PR CDC5012PR

Air conditioner + UPS + Air conditioner redundancy

UPS 5 kVA / 4.5 kW UPS 12 kVA / 10.8 kW
Air conditioner 4 kVA / 3.8 kW CDC40R05 CDC40R12
Air conditioner 5 kVA / 4.5 kW CDC50R05 CDC50R12

Air Conditioner + UPS

UPS 5 kVA / 4.5 kW UPS 12 kVA / 10.8 kW
Air conditioner 4 kVA / 3.8 kW CDC4005 CDC4012
Air conditioner 5 kVA / 4.5 kW CDC5005 CDC5012

Air Conditioner

Air conditioner 4 kVA / 3.8 kW CDC4000
Air conditioner 5 kVA / 4.5 kW CDC5000
Mini-data center NetOne

Modern infrastructure 5-in-1 by DKC

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DKC Company was founded in August 1998. Nowadays it is one of the largest producers of cable support systems and low-voltage equipment in Russia and in Europe.

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